What’s Next! – January 1991


Presented here is the game release schedule for the month of January 1991. As I review these games, I will include the links to the reviews within the schedule. All release dates are from Japan, unless otherwise noted. I started doing these schedule posts beginning with October of 1990, and readers seemed to enjoy them, but that was nearly two years ago. If you like this idea of a month-by-month calendar, let me know in the comments below.


If a game is released for two systems – like Gain Ground or Dick Tracy – I will review both versions at the same time. I review games with day/month/year release dates first (ex: Ultimate Qix – 01/25/91), followed by games where only the month/year date are known (Danan: The Jungle Fighter – 01/91). When multiple systems feature games that have only month/year dates, I will review them based on the order of the system release. So Master System games with only month/year dates get reviewed first, then Genesis games, then Game Gear games and so on.


I hope that makes sense. Maybe it’s a weird system to some, but it works for me.


Gain Ground – 01/02/91 (JP – Genesis), 01/91 (EU – Master System)


Gynoug/Wings of War – 01/25/91


Ultimate Qix – 01/25/91


House of Tarot – 01/26/91


Pac-Man – 01/29/91


Air Buster – 01/31/91


Danan: The Jungle Fighter – 01/91 (EU)


Dick Tracy – 01/91 (US, EU)


Ghouls’n Ghosts – 01/91 (US)


Flicky – 01/91


Phantasy Star II: Kinds’s Adventure – (01/91)


Technocop – 01/91 (US)

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The calendar thingy is really good I’d say, and I like that you intend to do multiple versions of these games at once. That just means fewer games to cover in the future. 🙂 Looking forward to Danan – that’s the one I used to play the most out of the ones listed here. I remember it being quite decent, if easy.


Oh! I overlooked Gynoug/Wings of Wor and Air Buster in the 1991 list. Those are fantastic.


… And I love these schedule posts, they really whet the appetite.

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