What’s Next! – February 1991


January 1991 was a rough month for Sega releases, and that makes sense. Publishers usually only release a game in the bleak winter months if their intent is to quietly kill their game. Gain Ground and Flicky are exceptions, and they deserve to be on every single Genesis compilation until the end of time. And Dick Tracy on the Genesis (not the Master System) is a solid beat-em-up in a pre-Streets of Rage world. But the rest? Let’s just say no one’s busting out Ultimate Qix, Technocop or House of Tarot at a retro gaming party.


February 1991 may or may not be a similarly rough month, but it is heavy on sports, so say a prayer for me. The rest of this month’s releases seem to fall between “promising” (Castle of Illusion) and “what the…” (Bimini Run). But like January, February only has a dozen releases; if the games are bad, at least it will all be over soon.



Super Volleyball – 02/01/91 (JP – Genesis)


The Pro Yakyuu ’91 – 02/02/91


Psychic World 02/02/91


Powerball 02/08/91


Battle Golfer Yui 02/15/91


Twin Cobra02/22/91


Pop Breaker02/23/91


Warrior of Rome – 02/24/91


Junction – 02/24/91


Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse – 02/91 (US, EU – Master System), 03/21/91 (JP – Game Gear)


Bimini Run – 02/91 (US)


Phantasy Star II: Anne’s Adventure – 02/91 (JP)

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Woohoo! 8-bit Castle of Illusion! I’m looking forward to that one. I’ve got a love/lament relationship with Twin Cobra – it plays so well but is soooo hard.

… And what is going on on the cover of Battle Golfer?


Castle of Illusion is one of the big releases for SMS IMO! And Battle Golfer Yui is, well, mental. The story is something else, believe me. A game like that probably could’ve only come out of Japan at the time, haha. Looking forward to the reviews for February!


What’s Next! – Absolutely Nothing!
Jokes aside I hope the year is treating you well and that all is good for you.


Bimini Run I actually enjoyed quite a bit. Warriors of Rome is pretty good. Powerball is an excellent sports game, some would say one of the best games on the system.


Looks like Psychic World is up next. I recently took a fairly thorough look at the two Sega versions of it, and their MSX progenitor Psycho World. It’s at https://www.talking-time.net/showthread.php?t=20083 if you’re interested.

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