Sega Does 2020: The New Generation


Sega Does!… or does it?


Seems like I write one of these “Sega Does is coming back, guys! Seriously this time!” at the beginning of every year (I have since deleted most if not all of these posts). I then bust out a few reviews, followed by a period of prolonged silence because… well I’m not sure why. Self-doubt? Inner turmoil? Life happenings? So many reasons.


This year, my intent is to write more for Sega Does. Maybe 1-2 reviews a week. Certainly more than 1-2 reviews every few months.


The review structure is going to look different, though. For the last month, I’ve been reading through my own review archive, and I discovered something that I don’t care for: I ramble. A lot. Sometimes these musings are, well, amusing. Sometimes I’m prattling on about some gameplay mechanic that nobody cares about, including me.


As a result of this discovery, my focus in this new year is going to be more concise reviews. This doesn’t mean every review is necessarily going to be shorter. Only that, I want each review to be informative and interesting. If I read them and they don’t hold my interest, what makes me think they’re going to hold anyone else’s?


I have plenty of new ideas I’d like to implement this year, both for Sega Does and other projects, but more on them soon.


Thank you for continuing to read and support Sega Does, and of course, Happy New Year!



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Have a good 2020 Dylan, good to see you are back as this is by far my preferred reviews site!

Fuck David Cage

Please make some more Questicle articles: You only have a few Famicom games, and they mostly came out in America.


death to nintendo long live SEGA

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