Why the Retro Gaming Archive Exists

At the Retro Gaming Archive, we believe every game has purpose. Even the awful ones.


Every game is a unique creation, a reflection of its creators, their environment, and their ethos.


We believe that every game – good, bad, and mediocre – has a story to tell.


Because of these beliefs, the Retro Gaming Archive is committed to exploring every game ever created, from PC to consoles to the arcade and beyond. The ultimate goal is to provide detailed information on every home console, home computer, and arcade system, and all games available for these platforms, for both historical and entertainment purposes.


We do this through articles, reviews, books, videos, podcasts, and streams.


Currently, however, we’re in the beginning stages. The website needs work. We haven’t launched books, videos, podcasts, or streams. We’re still compiling the information needed for us to officially launch. Consider us in beta.


We acknowledge that this endeavor won’t be easy. This is a monumental task that will take years, if not decades to complete. In order to provide and preserve this online gaming archive for generations to come, we need your support.


Currently, there are a couple ways in which you can support the Archive at our current early stages. We have a Patreon with tiers that allow you behind-the-scenes access, select unpublished articles/reviews, games lists, and even a one-on-one phone call with Dylan, our CEO and Head Curator. We also have a PayPal if you prefer one-time donations instead of monthly.


Whether you’re a casual player or one who’s logged thousands of hours on various systems, the Retro Gaming Archive is for all who embrace the joy of play.




There are a couple amazing sites already available that discuss the history of gaming through the games themselves. Hardcore Gaming 101 already has thousands of articles published about games, entire game series, developers, etc. They are a tremendous influence on us, and we are indebted and grateful to them. Retronauts continues to make fantastic podcasts about the history of games and Jeremy Parish’s video series (NES Works, Game Boy Works, etc.) are fascinating with top-notch production values.


While we at the Archive adore the written word, we acknowledge that many prefer to get their retro gaming fix via the video format. As such, Youtube also has some fantastic video creators, like The Gaming Historian, Splash Wave, Did You Know Gaming?, among many others. Their back catalogs are well worth exploring.

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