Sega Does – What’s Next!, March 1991



For those of you exploring the Retro Gaming Archive for the first time and are new to Sega Does, welcome!

Sega Does is a chronological exploration of every game ever released for a Sega console, beginning with the SG-1000 and ending with the Dreamcast.

I’ve already reviewed all of the SG-1000 library, about half of the Master System catalog, and am currently knee deep in Genesis and Game Gear titles. My pace has slowed somewhat over the last couple of years, but now that the Archive is Sega Does’ new home, Lord willing I’ll pick up the pace.

These “What’s Next!” posts exist as a way to get people excited for the next batch of reviews. Each release month – in this post’s case, March 1991 – has its own distinct set of games, and it’s fun for me and many of my readers to look ahead and see what’s coming. Just so you know: I tend to go by Japanese release dates first as they are usually the most specific, followed by American and European. Unless, of course, a game was released in the Americas/Europe before Japan, in which case, I will use whichever date came first.


For example: Shining in the Darkness released in Japan on 03/29/91 and in the US in October 1991, thus it’s included in my list of March reviews.


Before I take a look at what March has to offer, let’s pause for a moment. February 1991 was an odd month for games released on Sega consoles. Surprisingly decent sports titles like Powerball and The Pro Yakyuu ’91 reigned supreme in the first half of the month. Schlocky crap like Bimini Run lay directly next to Castle of Illusion, one of the best Master System platformers ever. The month was rounded out by bad real-time strategy (Warrior of Rome), solid platforming (Psychic World), and whatever the hell Pop Breaker is.

March 1991 sees the Genesis picking up considerable steam, with the Game Gear not far behind. Out of the 16 titles released in March for Sega consoles, 9 of them are Genesis titles and 6 are for the Game Gear; the poor Master System only gets 1 this month. Three of the Game Gear titles – Chase H.Q., Woody Pop, and Castle of Illusion (8-bit) – I’ve already played and reviewed; I’ll have those links below.

The remaining 13 are all brand new to me, and I confess, I’m intimidated by some of them. Bahamut Senki and Zan Yasha Enbukyoku are filled with Japanese text that I can’t understand. Shining in the Darkness is a no-nonsense dungeon-crawler. Then there’s Devilish, another Game Gear ball-and-paddle game with eerie early 90s cover art. Gee, I wonder who that dragon represents!

As with every month, I must gird my loins, strap on my Sega logo-embossed black metallic armor, put aside my fears, and get to playing. Your prayers are always appreciated.


Woody Pop – 03/01/91 (JP)


Bahamut Senki – 03/08/91 (JP)


Chase H.Q. – 03/08/91 (JP)


Head Buster 03/15/91 – (JP)


Fushigi no Umi no Nadia 03/19/91 – (JP)


Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse – 03/21/91 (JP)


Mamono Hunter Youko: Dai 7 no Keishou – 03/22/91 – (JP)


Valis III03/22/91 – (JP)


Super AirWolf/CrossFire03/29/91 – (JP)


Jantei Monogatari 03/29/91 – (JP)


Midnight Resistance03/29/91 – (JP)


Shining in the Darkness03/29/91 – (JP)


Zan Yasha Enbukyoku03/29/91 – (JP)


Devilish – 03/29/91 – (JP)


Kinetic Connection – 03/29/91 – (JP)


Speedball – 03/1991 – (EU)

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