The Neo Geo Pocket Color Returns to Switch… Again!




Between Mortal Kombat 11Samurai Showdown, and the series-spanning Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, you probably thought you were set on fighting games for your Switch. Think again, bucko and/or buckette!


SNK is re-releasing The King of Fighters R-2 for the Nintendo Switch as part of their ‘Neo Geo Pocket Color Selections’ series. The game will cost $7.99 and be released in the vague window of ‘Summer 2020.’


The King of Fighters R-2 is a portable version of SNK’s long-running expansive fighting series, The King of Fighters. Usually portable fighting games are tragically neutered like so many wandering strays. Not this one. 23 fighters are here for you (and a friend) to choose from, along with Making Mode, a fighter editor that will “put an extra spin on the game!” This quote comes directly from the official SNK NGPC Selection website. No word yet on how said spin will alter the fighters.


SNK officially launched the NGPC Color Selection series with SNK Gals Fighters back in April of 2020. We at the Archive have not played this yet, but from all accounts, the game looks to be a faithfully recreated port. Also of note: the NGPC rendition of Samurai Shodown 2 was originally available as a pre-order bonus with Samurai Shodown for the Switch, but will be released on its own in ‘Summer 2020.’


SNK is also promising more Neo Geo Pocket Color games on the Switch this summer and in the future. How many new games they bring over will likely depend on the previously released games’ sales. If you want more NGPC games on Switch, support these ports!



*image courtesy of SNK’s NGPC Selection Series website

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It took me a while to find the new site, didn’t I? :))

Don’t have a Nintendo Switch yet but I’m a big NGPC fan. Total I have 14 games and dude how I played them! I must be one of the few people in the world who got the 300 cards in Cardfighters Clash (have 2 NGPCs, a link cable and the two versions of the game). I got all medals in Metal Slug 1st Mission (2nd Mission still has POWs haven’t figured out, however). Became a master on portable Puyo-Puyo 2, Puzzle Bobble and Magical Drop. I am currently very attached to Neo Turf Masters, there is no other golf videogame for me. Sonic, Faselei!, Rockman Battle & Fighters… NGPC has a good range of great games. 

But people think NGPC is pretty much for SD versions of fighting games. Fact is, they are extremely derivative, almost a “you played one, you played all them” situation. Some have their own charms, I admit. 

Of all my carts only two are fighting games: Match of the Millennium and Gals Fighters. I can argue that MotM is so, so good, it makes the rest of the NGPC fighting game library obsolete. Maybe it won’t be released on the Switch due to include Capcom characters, the same goes for Cardfighters Clash unfortunately. I would totally buy a Switch just to play Cardfighters Clash online!