Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet (NES, 1988)


In honor of Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary, the Archive is playing every single release, re-release, port, and remake of the original Super Mario Bros.



DEVELOPED: Nintendo (Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt), Human Entertainment (World Class Track Meet)



If you missed out on the NES Action Set, the Power Set was there for you, cardboard flaps open, waiting to take your hard-earned Reagan/Bush dollars. What a deal, though! For $179.95 circa 1988, you got: the NES, the Power Pad, the Zapper, two controllers, an incredible amount of Nintendo propaganda, and three – count ’em, three – games on a single cartridge. Those three games are, of course, Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and World Class Track Meet.


If you’re not playing with power now, there’s simply no hope for you.^


We’re familiar with Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt by this point. We’re very familiar with Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt. But World Class Track Meet? He’s the new kid on the cart… sort of. Originally released by Bandai as Stadium Events alongside the Family Fun Fitness Pad, Nintendo acquired both Stadium Events and the FFF Pad in 1987 and re-released them with more evocative names. Instead of holding events in a stadium somewhere: World Class Track Meet! Instead of families having fun and fitnessing: the POWER PAD (caps not included).


Behold! The tacky menu!


The Power Set is only the Power Set because of the Power Pad and World Class Track Meet. We love Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt, but neither game requires their players to be in any sort of decent shape. World Class Track Meet plays for keeps; no dad bods allowed, unless you’re looking to say goodbye to your gut. The game requires you to run and jump on the Power Pad at all times. Yes, you can use your hands instead of your legs. Should you get caught by Nintendo’s Power Police, however, you’re immediately disqualified from the Track Meet and your Power Set will be revoked.*


Wonder if anyone’s ever dined and 100m dashed?


As far as value goes, Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet is a solid deal. Super Mario Bros. is the Original Gangster of Platforming, Duck Hunt‘s presence means you get a free Zapper, and World Class Track Meet helps you shed those ungainly soda-and-junk food pounds you’ve been acquiring all summer. It’s a win-win-win.




*the Nintendo Power Police weren’t ever a thing, but we wish they were.

^thanks to Reddit user hungrygoriyagames for the excellent Power Set picture!

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David Machado

Ah!The Power Pad. I asked, nah,DEMANDED my parents to get me one of these,to no avail. Some time later, a try it in a friend’s house,and beign a chubby fella at that time, i almost pass out hahahaha