Super Mario Bros. / Tetris / Nintendo World Cup (1992, NES)


In honor of Super Mario Bros.’ 35th anniversary, the Archive is playing every single release, re-release, port, and remake of the original Super Mario Bros.



DEVELOPED: Nintendo / Million (Nintendo World Cup)



Europe, 1992. The Sega Master System and the Mega Drive are conquering young hearts far and wide. The NES is on life support, both in the region and around the world. Rather than throw the aging 8-bit console in the garbage and call it a day, Nintendo wants to squeeze a few more drops of profit out of the NES and its tremendous library.


The only Control Deck bundle picture we could find*


Enter the greatest NES multicart of our times: Super Mario Bros / Tetris / Nintendo World Cup, a European exclusive that was both sold separately or bundled with the top-loading NES Control Deck, depending on the country. The cart wisely omits Duck Hunt, an ancient relic of gaming’s past. Of course, this means that the Zapper was not included, but the 80s are over and neon orange is slightly out of fashion, so that’s ok. World Class Track Meet is also gone, which means the Power Pad isn’t bundled with the Deck, which means European gamers don’t have to exercise. Hooray!


Now with 100% less workouts!


Super Mario Bros. is included, because of course it is. The original SMB was absolutely showing its age by 1992, and Nintendo probably should have inserted Super Mario Bros. 2 or 3 onto the cart instead. Still, the original turned the NES from a potential flop into an iconic console, so we understand its presence.


We Three Goombs from sta-age 3-1…


Tetris is a legendary puzzle title that sold gangbusters on the NES. Depending on how addicted you get to the falling/rearranging block gameplay, you could play for hours, days, months, or years. The game is as classic as Super Mario Bros., and its inclusion on the cartridge is a wise choice.


Love those pistachio colors.


Nintendo World Cup is the token “this cart is strictly for Europeans” game. Europe loves its football/soccer, and Nintendo World Cup provides it, albeit in a lighthearted, comical form. The pained expressions players make when they get sucker punched is sublime. Also, up to four players can kick it out with an NES Four-Score (sold separately, of course).


That face is the good stuff.


NES multicarts were never about bundling the best games of the system into one smokin’ deal. The games are sampler packs intended to whet your appetite for more of what the system has to offer. As such, Super Mario Bros / Tetris / Nintendo World Cup is the most fulfilling of any of Nintendo’s multicarts. Super Mario Bros. scratches the platforming/adventure itch. Tetris provides hours of puzzle/cerebral entertainment. Nintendo World Cup is a football/soccer game that both sports lovers and casuals alike can enjoy. Truly, this three-pack is a king among carts and a fitting swansong to NES bundles.




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The bundle I had with the system! And it was great 🙂

Interesting that it was released in 1992, kind of narrows it down to when I got the system I would guess late 1992 or sometime in 1993. Which seems crazy late, but must be correct. Which also means I had a Game Boy before I had a NES (damn Mandela memories, I was certain that I had the NES before). Don’t know if that’s odd/unique or not 😛