At the Retro Gaming Archive, we believe every game deserves to be played. Even the awful ones.

Every game is a singular creation, a reflection of its creators, their environment, and their ethos.

Every game – good, bad, and mediocre – has a unique story written within its code.

Because of these beliefs, the Retro Gaming Archive is committed to exploring every game ever created, from PC to consoles to the arcade and beyond. The ultimate goal is to provide reviews and information on every home console, home computer, and arcade system, and all games available for these platforms, for both historical and entertainment purposes.

We do this primarily through reviews for now, but books, videos, podcasts, and streams are in the works.

Currently, however, we’re in the beginning stages. The website is under construction. The games lists aren’t fully complete. Nevertheless, we are laying the foundation for what’s to come. Thanks for your patience as we continue to build the Archive.

Whether you’re a casual player or one who’s logged thousands of hours on various systems, the Retro Gaming Archive is for all who embrace the joy of play.